Palfinger Sany Is Ready For The Competition

Palmak Makina gained an important acceleration with Palfinger Sany SRC series, is getting ready for taking its place in the market with its road-type and truck cranes with compliance and approval procedures to be completed by 2018. The company continues to transform its stock-working strategy into an advantage, plans to apply the same strategy to its new products as well.

Palmak Makina, the representative of the Palfinger Sany brand in Turkey put its signature under important successes in a short time with the sales and after-sales cooperation it made with Makser Vinc.

Zeki Daşdemir, General Manager of Palmak Makina, who emphasizes they work with stock system at every opportunity, expressed that they will continue to work with high stock level in the following period as until now.

Zeki Daşdemir mentioned that they have currently 27 Palfinger Sany rought terrain cranes in addition to the cranes planned to be delivered during the year, said that “In any case, we want to stock 8 to 10 machines and we try to do that”.

Important Deliveries

Zeki Daşdemir, who assessed the past year, underlined the fact that they realized the sales they desired during this period. Zeki Daşdemir said that “We made sale to different customer profiles. Our machines are used in almost every company in the leasing, construction and shipyard sectors. Apart from this, we have had important sales abroad. Some of them were Turkish contractors operating in countries like Algeria, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. In the Middle East region, we had a sales package of 27 sales in total. We delivered 14 units of orders, and we will deliver the remaining 13 units within the next month”.

Road-type and Truck Cranes Will Be Released

Palmak Makina will receive road type and truck cranes ordered last year with delay due to the changes in type approval documents in 2016. Referring to this issue, Zeki Daşdemir said that they will put compatible versions of road type and truck cranes on the market as of 2018. Zeki Daşdemir by expressing that they are assertive in 100 tons and below models in truck-mounted telescopic cranes, said that they will organize factory visits and various demo events on these models.

Stocked Work

Zeki Daşdemir, who also evaluates the advantages of the stocked work, noted that they were one step ahead in selling with their customers responding quickly. Zeki Daşdemir drew attention that especially the construction companies wait until the last moment when purchasing machinery, noted that they cannot decide up to this point whether they face to purchase or leasing. Zeki Daşdemir expressed that they experienced the advantages of stocked work here and are able to meet the expectations of their customers demanding delivery in a short time, said they will continue their current strategy in the coming period. Zeki Daşdemir continued as follows; “We are now started the process of ordering and stocking for the year 2018. We decide within our forecasts and prepare our orders. As a result, we can respond to each incoming order with our stock.”

SPC Series Will Be Released

Palmak Makina is getting prepared to put road type and truck-mounted telescopic cranes on the market by 2018.

Zeki Daşdemir by continuing to speak about the on-truck SPC series said that the series consists of quality products in the market. By mentioning that there is a gap in this field, Zeki Daşdemir stated that they will continue to work effectively in the SPC series as well as in rought terrain cranes. Zeki Daşdemir said; “We will do launch and demo works on the SPC series. Regarding the price, I cannot give a figure, but I can say that we will pursue a highly competitive policy.”

“We are assertive over 200 tons”

The other product range that will be put on the market as of the new year will be the road type cranes. For road-type cranes, Zeki Daşdemir mentioned that they completed all the necessary permission procedures and they will be assertive especially in the tonnages over 200 tons and more, gave the good news that they will be competitive in the road type cranes, as in others. By saying “This is what the market’s challenges and compete at a high level in the field so that we know well.” Zeki Daşdemir underlines that they feel confident and they will surely have a place in the market.